Welcome to Highway Hypnosis. My name is Roy Newton and I am your Personal Development coach and Agent of Change. I am a certified Hypnotherapist and Mindscape instructor having studied at the highly accredited University of Toronto in Canada.

My goal in life is to help you reach yours.

In professional terms, we use the word Threshold for the peak state in which a person is ready to make the much needed changes to improve their life. I took the positive step of making significant changes to improve my life, now I am supporting and encouraging others like you to do the same. Together, we CAN get you on your road to a better life.



Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Mindscaping. EFT.

Personal development Training.

Havening Techniques.

Currently studying:

Graphology – The art of analysing handwriting.

Stress, Depression and Mental Health @ HG Institute.

Neuroplasticity, an optimization of the neural networks.

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